Feminist perspective in teaching International Law and International Relations in the digital era

This paper discusses the pedagogical potential of a using digital resources in theaching international relations and international law from a feminist perspective. As students, especially generation Z students increasingly rely on the internet as a source of not only news but knowledge and opinions, this paper proposes an up-to-date teaching approach to reach our student audience (and perhaps even others in the discipline) differently than textbooks or other traditional materials. Both international law and international relations have been greatly impacted by the digital era. The Feminist perspective in international law and the feminist theories in international relations, paired up with the digital component, is utmost necessary. The paper proposes to advance an  introduction to feminist IR in the true sense of the word–what feminist IR is, the vocabulary it uses, how it is useful in analysis, and why it is meaningful to scholars and students of gender and global politics and the use of feminist perspective in the development and study of international law, may it be international economic law, international human rights law, etc. The goal is to account for both what a feminist perspective contributes to the study of global politics and international law and the digital depiction of it as well as its potential to classroom uses. The pedagogical value of blogging feminist IR, the use of feminism in digital gamification of IR theory will be dealt with in the paper.

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Blogs Digital Games Feminism Interntional law Ir Theory Teaching Innovations


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